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Clinical Practice Evaluation

General Information

The NDAEB developed a Clinical Practice Evaluation (CPE) for use by Canadian Dental Assisting Regulatory Authorities (CDARA) in the licensing/registration of dental assistants. See the CPE Handbook on this site for general information.

Photographs of instrument and supply tray setups are available on this site. Please note: the photos represent generic setups. All evaluation sites may not provide exact instrument and supply items as shown in the photos. Some items may be substituted for similar instruments or materials.

Some CDARA require graduates of Canadian non-accredited and out-of-country educational programs to successfully complete a two-part NDAEB certificate to include the written examination followed by the CPE. To confirm the requirement for the CPE in your province, please refer to the Registration & Licensure section of this website for DARA contact information.

The NDAEB administers the Clinical Practice Evaluation at up to six sites across Canada three or four times annually, depending on demand. For CPE sessions and application deadline dates, please see the calendar on this site. The fee for the full CPE session (9 skills) is $1300.00 (CAN only) made payable to the NDAEB. This includes a non-refundable $100.00 (CAN only) application fee [$1200 + $100]. The fee for re-taking individual skills is $275.00 (CAN only) per skill plus a non-refundable $100.00 (CAN only) application fee. Candidates registering for 5 or more skills are required to pay the full fee of $1300.00 (CAN).

The Clinical Practice Evaluation includes the following nine (9) skills:

New 2018 Exposes Digital Radiography

This is an important notice to all candidates who may participate in the NDAEB’s Clinical Practice Evaluation (CPE).

The NDAEB began testing Digital Radiography on the CPE as of January 1st, 2018. From this date forward, candidates for the Clinical Practice Evaluation no longer expose film, and “Skill 1 - Exposes Dental Radiographs” was changed to: “Exposes Digital Radiographic Images”.

Please see below the information which will be available in the CPE 2018 Candidate Handbook:

Exposes Digital Radiographic Images

Candidates who have participated in the CPE in 2017, who have not yet been successful in Skill 1, have been notified in writing after each attempt that the digital requirement will take effect in January 1, 2018. If candidates choose to voluntarily attend a continuing education program in lieu of the CPE, it is acceptable to the NDAEB for the course to be offered in an analog (film) format.